The Best Trends From Australian Fashion Week

It may be the depths of winter in Australia, but Fashion Week down under is giving us major spring inspiration (should that be spring-piration?). The event showcased top and upcoming designers from across the country and featured color, prints, and minimalism. These are the looks we’re adding to our own wardrobe. 

Bold Prints

Florals may be the go-to for spring and summer, but that’s not the only print you have to stick to. Australian label SIR loves including prints in its collection and even encourages you to go head-to-toe with the vibe. Go big or go home, right?! Keep your shoes and accessories minimalist to balance it all out.

Bright Colors

Spring is the time when you shake off all that gray and black and let a little color back into your life. We’re taking inspiration from designer Bottega Veneta who has created the most gorgeous colorful bags. If you’re someone who is hesitant about color, this is a great way to introduce it into your wardrobe.


Everyone looks good in a suit. Keep it chic and feminine by matching wide-leg pants and a blazer, and pairing it with a chunky sandal. Now, don’t you feel powerful?

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