The Air Cut will Keep Your Hair from Feeling Weighed Down this Winter

New season, new hair! With the air having turned chilly, all eyes are on the latest look—the air cut. 

Named because it gives the hair a feathery, lightweight appearance, the air cut has been a big hit in Korea where it was established. The look involves cutting wispy layers close together to frame the face so that it creates an airy effect when you run your fingers through them.

Because it’s easier to achieve volume when blow-drying, these layers can make limp hair appear thicker; and can also give more movement to thick hair by removing some of that excess weight. The cut works on curly hair, too, but those with super fine hair might want to give this look a miss. 

If the air cut seems like something that would set the wind in your sails, ask your stylist for lots of volume in the form of layers, especially face-framing ones. You can also go all in with wispy bangs and layers that frame your face. 

The best way to style this look is by using a volumizing spray and some velcro rollers to achieve that desired body and bounce. It can also be helpful to invest in a blow dry brush.

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