Kim Kardashian Slayed This Thanksgiving —Because North Did Her Make-Up


Teach ‘em while they’re young—that seems to be the policy in the Kardashian-West household as little North knows her way around a beauty blender like a pro!

Mom Kim always looks flawless, and it was no different this Thanksgiving. The only difference is that her eldest daughter was the one responsible for doing her make-up, as she showed in a tutorial posted on TikTok. 

North begun by showing what products she would be using to create the festive look. The list included items from Rihanna’s Fenty brand, her aunt’s Kylie Cosmetics, and Kim’s very own KKW Beauty (RIP).

The 9-year-old started by applying a serum to the reality star’s skin and dabbing it in with a black beauty blender, before adding foundation, and contouring Kim’s cheekbones with a brush. 

Concealer was applied under the eye, the tip of the nose, and the Cupid’s bow to highlight, with North blending it in before baking with setting powder. Bright pink blush added a flush to Kim’s cheeks, which the young lady buffed in with a brush. She then completed the look with a KKW lipliner and a slick of Kylie’s gloss. 

Good job, Northie!

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