The 20/10 Method is a Gamechanger When it Comes to Tidying Your Home

Cleaning the house can be really tiring, especially when you have numerous rooms with far-reaching nooks and crannies to reach. Fortunately, there is a tidying method that will help make organizing far more effortless than you could have imagined. Here’s how you can implement the 20/10 organization method to transform your home.

What Is The 20/10 Organizing Method?

This method involves decluttering for 20 minutes before resting for 10 minutes. Following 20 minutes of focus, it’s important to do something enjoyable so that you get into a good mood following your 10-minute break. Also, boosting your morale may help you feel more motivated to complete the task at hand.

How To Implement This Method Effectively

Get a timer (you can use the timer on your phone) and ensure that you set it for 20 minutes. For garbage that you know you want to discard, get garbage bags. For those items you are unsure of or know you want to keep, get some boxes to put them in.

Upon starting your cleaning efforts, begin by decluttering a specific part of the room such as desk drawers or a cupboard and make sure to remove all of the items from this space. Then, go through each item and decide whether or not to keep it. Put the things you want back in their rightful place while those you don’t want get discarded, either into the box to keep for later or the garbage bags if you know for a fact you no longer want or need them.

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