Climbing Plants to Boost Your Home’s Appearance

If you’re looking to boost your curbside appeal and make your home one that will draw all of your neighbors’ envy? Well, climbing plants can go a long way to helping you achieve this outcome. Here are some climbing plants that are sure to help you achieve your desired look.


A timeless classic, ivy is great for boosting curbside appeal as it remains evergreen throughout the year. What’s more, you can also opt for different colors depending on your taste. Between the lush green English ivy and Algerian white and green ivy, you’re bound to find a variety that best suits your style.

Star Jasmine

For a plant that’s truly eye-popping and will attract attention the moment passersby see it, you can’t do better than a star jasmine. With its unmissable star-shaped flowers and luscious green leaves, this plant is also ideal due to how low maintenance it is. This makes the star jasmine ideal for you if you’re not used to growing climbing plants.

Creeping Thyme

To add some color to your yard, creeping thyme will certainly do the job. Producing clusters of pink, purple, or white flowers throughout, you’ll not only have a beautiful plant but one with a sweet scent and edibility, making it a delight for home chefs.

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