Scare Off Stains With These Hacks

One moment you’re having a delicious dinner, and the next, you spot a glob of sauce on your shirt. Your white shirt. Your favorite white shirt. Before you panic, take a breath. Conveniently place your hair to cover the stain and know that we have all the hacks for getting rid of them. 

Remove the Offending Object

If the stain is something solid, remove it from the fabric using a knife as soon as you spot it. For a liquid, you want to dab with absorbent paper. Avoid spot-cleaning with hot or warm water as this can actually set the stain!

Easy Does It

It is tempting to go in aggressively and try to drown the stain, but small applications of water actually work best. Repeat as much as necessary. For any stain that is protein-based, like blood or milk, sponge off with cold water. 

Water Doesn’t Always Work

Although sponging is the way to go for protein stains, avoid this method for anything oil-based as it will cause the stain to set. Rather apply methylated spirits and blot with paper towels. You can then wash the fabric with washing-up liquid. 

Say No to Salt

Salt has famously been used for years to draw out a red wine stain, but it turns out that’s a myth. Flush the area with sparkling or soda water and then use a product specially designed to remove red wine stains. 

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