Avoid These Common Mistakes to Make the Avocado Toast of Your Dreams

Social media put countless trendy foods on the map over the years, but none of them comes even close to avocado toast. This brunch staple has a reputation for being a healthy and tasty breakfast option, but there are some common mistakes you should avoid to make sure it’s as nutritious and delicious as possible.

Wrong Bread

Avocado toast can’t be made without… well, toast, so it’s crucial to pick the healthiest option on the market. Whole-wheat bread is the best possible choice if you’re trying to keep your avocado toast on the healthy side and super-processed bread won’t do it any good.

Avocado Overload

Avocado comes with many healthy properties, but it’s highly recommended to eat it in moderation because it’s packed with fat. Portion control is key when making avocado toast, and it’s highly recommended to stick to half of a medium-sized avocado per two slices of toast.

Choice of Toppings

Even if you pick the right bread and don’t go overboard with avocado, you can still ruin your avocado toast by picking all the wrong topics. Go easy on greasy and fat-dense food and try to stick to ingredients rich in fiber and protein, such as eggs, fruits, and veggies.

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