The Body Part People Always Forget to Stretch

It’s a commonly known thing that stretching before working out is incredibly important. Without going through your usual stretching routine, it can lead to all sorts of injuries, from pulled hamstrings to sprained ankles. However, there are still people who make stretching mistakes, such as forgetting to stretch certain body parts. Here’s one body part that people always seem to skip over.

Don’t Skip The Neck

For whatever reason, some people (not everyone!) skip right over the neck when it comes to routine stretches. They work their legs, monitor their glutes, move their ankles in circles, give their arms a good shake, and move on.

The legs and arms are certainly important, but they’re not the only part of our body. For some reason, people underestimate the importance of the neck, which is crazy because it’s literally the thing holding up our most precious asset—our brain.

It’s Super Quick

If this isn’t an issue with you, then great! But even if you do forget, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s easy to skip past it when everyone’s playing a game and waiting on you to start. But all you have to do is spend 20 to 30 seconds giving your neck a good stretch, and you’re good to go.

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