Have You Tried the Rice Water Hair Hack?

The number of hair tips out there could probably rival the number of strands on our heads. In the pursuit of voluptuous volume and silky strands, we are keen to try them all. One of the latest techniques hitting social media is something you can prepare at the same time as cooking dinner. 

Next time you decide to make egg-fried rice or risotto, don’t throw away the water. Rice water is a common trick used across East Asia to help hair growth. The women in the Chinese village of Huang Luo are famous worldwide for their long locks.

Their secret? Rice water. Considering rice is a staple food there, it somewhat makes sense. 

Soaking rice in water and allowing it to ferment increases the amount of protein and other nutrients. These minerals and vitamins contain a plethora of benefits such as amino acids which add strength and shine, as well as a carbohydrate that repairs the strands. 

So how is the hack done?

Rinse one cup of white rice and strain it to remove the excess water. Place the rice in a bowl with 250 milliliters of water and let it sit for two hours. Once it’s had time to soak, strain the rice again, but this time, save the water. Put the liquid in a glass jar, cover it with a lid, and leave it at room temperature for between 12-24 hours to ferment. 

The idea is to rinse your hair with the water, concentrating on the scalp and working it down. Allow your locks to marinate for five minutes before rinsing it out. Be warned: the smell can be intense. Add some flavored oil to ease the odor. 

The remaining water can then be stored in the fridge but it must be used within a week.

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