Rihanna Has Launched a New Collection to Celebrate Her Super Bowl Debut

The Super Bowl is almost upon us and Rihanna wants to get us game ready!

As the highlight of the football calendar, the Super Bowl is watched by millions, with the halftime show raking in the most viewers. This year’s headliner is the “Lift Me Up” singer. 

In addition to being a superstar performer, Rihanna is also the founder of a very successful fashion and cosmetics brand. And so, to celebrate her first live performance in more than 5 years, RiRi is releasing a new Savage X Fenty collection to mark the big day!

The Savage X Fenty Game Day collection includes 17 items, ranging from jerseys to hoodies.

The hoodies, beanies, tube tops, and sweatpants feature the phrase “Property of Fenty” and “Authentic since 1988” which is the year that the Grammy winner was born. The caps, which come in different colors, bear the logo “LVII” to mark the 57th edition of the Super Bowl. 

The coolest piece from the collection might just be the T-shirt that reads “Rihanna concert interrupted by a football game, weird but whatever.” The inside of the shirt features a photo of Rihanna wearing a football helmet. 

The limited edition collection is available to shop online, with some items already being sold out. 

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