How to Beat the January Blues

With dark mornings, cold weather and that back-to-work feeling, January is a tough month for everyone. Here are a few tips to stay positive this month and beat those January blues!

Go Outside

It’s really hard but it makes a huge difference! Going outside even for 30 minutes, enjoying the limited daylight hours and getting some exercise is a fantastic way to boost your mood in the depths of winter. Remember to wrap up warm!

Get Plenty of Sleep

It can be hard to stick to a routine when it goes dark at 4pm and the nights feel like they’re stretching on forever. Turn off your phone or that binge-able Netflix series and try to go to bed before 11pm. Investing in a sunrise/sunset alarm clock can be a great way to support your circadian rhythm if you suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Keep Cozy

Being cold is the pits! Warm sweaters, hot water bottles, cozy socks and plenty of hot tea are essential for keeping cozy and content.

Learn Something New

January can feel like a dead time. The holidays are over and the winter is dragging on. Learning a new skill or hobby, picking up a new book, or signing up for a new class can give you a sense of hope and renewal.

Be Kind to Yourself

If you’re feeling down, that’s okay. Winter is HARD! Be kind to yourself and let yourself hibernate a littleβ€”you’re not alone!

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