Struggling With Self-Improvement? Try Habit Tracking!

We all have an idea of what the best version of ourselves looks like. But that person usually feels unattainable without serious slog and motivation. However, James Clear, leading expert on habit formation, has written a book on how we can achieve those self-improvements much more easily! It’s called Atomic Habits.

What is Habit Tracking?

Habit Tracking is way of creating a system where you set out the habits you’d like to introduce into your life. They’re small, easily achievable and shouldn’t last more than a few minutes. You sandwich these habits into your existing daily routine so that it’s easier to remember to do them.

How Does it Work?

Make a grid. In the vertical, left-hand column, list the habits you want to stick to. In the highest row, mark the days of the week. Each time you perform a habit, you make a tick or shade in the square.

Your habits could be things like stretching, meditation, reading 1 page of a book, flossing your teeth, walking the dog or calling your mom.

Why is it Successful?

Habit trackers tend to be successful for three reasons.

  1. It creates a simple visual reminder for you to complete your habits. Stick your habit tracker up somewhere you’ll see it regularly, like above your desk.
  2. It’s a way of visualizing the progress you are making, which is great for motivation.
  3. Ticking something off and recording your success releases dopamine (the feel-good hormone) into your brain, giving you a positive association with completing the habit each day!

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