Our Mouths are Watering Over Syrup Nails

Over the past year, nail trends have been good enough to eat. Hailey Bieber got us obsessed with glazed donut nails and it just escalated from there. Milkshake nails took over for a bit, but now we’ve moved on to syrup. 

The Western world is fairly late to the syrup trend as it is popular in Korea, having originated in Japan way back in 2015. The look is for anyone who prefers a neutral type manicure, but wants to jazz it up a bit with an ombré effect. Here’s how to do it at home.

Step #1

Apply a base coat to your nails and add a tip to the end in the color of your choice, as you would if you were doing a French manicure. Don’t worry if it isn’t even as it will blend out with the next few layers. 

Step #2

Syrup nails work best with light colors that have a sheer finish, so stick to nudes and neutrals as the gradient effect won’t be noticeable with bold hues. Once the first layer is dry, apply two to three more. The trick is to always start a little lower each time so that the color builds up by the tip, but remains sheer near the cuticle.

Step #3

Once you’re happy with how it looks, apply a top coat. This should give your nails that glossy syrup effect. 

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