5 Things That Don’t Come Free When You’re Flying With Low-Cost Airlines

Low-cost airlines became a huge hit with travelers from all walks of life, but are they really as cheap as advertised? Unfortunately, the plane ticket isn’t the only thing that you’ll be paying when flying with low-cost airlines, and they come with a long list of hidden costs that you probably didn’t see coming.

Airport Check-In

Always make sure to check in online before heading to the airport when flying low-cost, because in-person check-in doesn’t come free.

Choosing Seats

If you’re not traveling alone and want to sit with your friends or family during your flight, get ready to spend some extra money because seat selection comes with a high price tag.

Baggage Fees

Most low-cost airlines only allow you to bring a backpack or a bag of specific dimensions on board, and you’ll have to pay extra for everything else – even a small carry-on suitcase.

Flexible Booking

Once you book your flight with a low-cost airline, changing dates in case of emergency won’t be possible—unless you pay an extra fee for flexible booking.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks on low-cost flights don’t come free—not even snacks or water—so come well-prepared and eat before heading to the airport or pack your own snacks.

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