The Old Money Aesthetic is Making Its Way Back

Inspired by the elegance and refinement of the upper-class elite, the old money aesthetic is making a stylish comeback. Here’s how you can incorporate its timeless charm into your wardrobe.

Classic Tailoring

At the heart of the old money aesthetic lies impeccable tailoring. Invest in well-fitted, timeless pieces like tailored blazers, high-waisted trousers, and A-line dresses. These staples will exude a sense of elegance and poise, taking your style to new heights.

Neutral Color Palette

A hallmark of the aesthetic is its penchant for a neutral color palette. Embrace a sophisticated range of colors such as camel, ivory, navy, and deep burgundy. These hues exude an air of refinement that is both understated and opulent.

Luxurious Fabrics

Opt for luxurious fabrics like cashmere, silk, and fine wool to elevate your outfits. These materials not only feel sumptuous against your skin but also add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your overall look

Statement Accessories

Accessories play a crucial role in achieving the aesthetic. Adorn yourself with elegant jewelry, such as pearl necklaces, statement brooches, and heirloom-inspired pieces. A structured leather handbag and chic gloves will also enhance your ensemble with a touch of class.

Vintage Elements

Incorporate vintage elements into your wardrobe to fully embrace the style. Look for vintage-inspired dresses, classic coats, and retro-inspired accessories. Vintage finds have a timeless charm that will add an authentic touch to your style.

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