Movies About Downfall of the Upper Class are Taking Hollywood By Storm

Movies about the upper class are not a novelty in Hollywood, and they’re going to be all the rage this fall, but with one major twist. Instead of showing the rich in a glitzy light and glamourizing their lives, some of the fall’s critically acclaimed films are pointing out their privilege and chronicling their downfall, starting with these three.

The Menu

Culinary thrillers are all the rage this year and The Menu is one of the movies to put this genre on the map. It centers on a group of wealthy guests jetting off to a remote island to enjoy a lavish dinner prepared by a celebrity chef, only to learn he cooked up a few unexpected surprises.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

The first Knives Out movie followed a group of rich and privileged people losing their minds and fortune and Glass Onion is going down a similar path. It shows Benoit Blanc solving another murder mystery after a tech billionaire invited a group of friends to his private island, but the vacation ends with deadly consequences.

Triangle of Sadness

The winner of Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival takes us on a luxury cruise for the ultra-rich. Things quickly go south after the ship surprisingly sinks and a group of survivors, including a fashion model celebrity couple, is trapped on an island and left to their own devices.

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