5 Fun Indoor Activities to Try With Your Friends This Fall and Winter

Colder seasons are upon us and that usually means we’ll be spending much more time indoors. Luckily, there are many fun indoor activities that you can enjoy with your friends—starting with these five.

Game Night

Whether you enjoy board games or video games, the fall and winter months are a perfect time for organizing game nights with your friends.

Movie Night

We all love cozying it up and watching Halloween and Christmas movies once colder days arrive. Why do it alone when you can invite your friends to watch a Harry Potter marathon together?

Book Club

Most people tend to have more free time on their hands in fall and winter. If that also happens to be the case with your friend group, but this time to some good use by reading more and organizing a book club to discuss your favorite novels together.


A karaoke machine or at least a good wireless microphone is a great investment if you and your friends enjoy singing together and goofing around, and you can do it from the comfort of your home this fall.

Dinner Parties

If cooking happens to be your favorite hobby, how about inviting your friends to join you and throwing an amazing dinner party together?

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