Making Your Bed Can Affect Your Whole Day

Our mind is a very powerful thing. We don’t realize how much change we can enact by doing seemingly small things, and it’s all thanks to the way our minds work. For instance, take a simple act such as making your bed in the morning. You might think of it as something meaningless, but it’s actually a very powerful action—and one that can affect your entire day for the better.

There’s a spiritual belief that in life, you’re either going up or down. There’s no such thing as staying in the exact same place. If this belief holds water, that means that by doing nothing, we’re inviting negative thoughts to attempt to sway our minds. It is therefore our job to actively inject positivity into our lives—and making the bed is the first step to doing that.

By starting off the day with making your bed, you’re getting that “positivity ball” rolling. You’re telling your mind that this is the kind of day you’re going to have—one where you intend to show up for your responsibilities, and do so with a positive attitude.

There’s another saying that “when your room is a mess, your mind is a mess.” By making your bed to start your day, you’re setting a tone of clarity and focus for the whole day.

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