It’s Possible to Tour a City In One Day

In an ideal world, we’d have endless time to tour every beautiful city we like. But realistically, that’s far from the case. Most people don’t have much time to travel, due to modern responsibilities of our lives. This can often lead to us only having a day or two to explore a city. Luckily, there’s a way you can tour a city pretty thoroughly in merely one day, thanks to the business, Hop On Hop Off.

If you’ve never heard of Hop On Hop Off, you’d better write it down for your next trip, because it’s a brilliant business (and for your information, we’re not getting paid by them to say this). This touring company is designed specifically for those who have a limited amount of time to explore a city.

Throughout the entire day, these private busses drive around the city from one historical landmark to another. As you ride through the city, you can listen to a history lesson of whichever attraction you’re passing through an audio feed.

Once you reach a landmark, you can “hop off” the bus and explore the area as much as you please. The brilliance of their concept is that you can stay at an attraction for as long as you like—because although the bus will keep going at a specific time, there will be always be another one you can hop on!

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