Why Fashion Affects Us More Than We Think

This article is specifically geared toward those who think fashion has no meaning. To those who preach that the clothes we wear don’t matter even close to as much as who we are on the inside. These are great values and all, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t affected by fashion. Whether we realize it or not, the clothing choices that people wear affect us.

Fashion is an art form just like painting or music. The clothes that one decides to wear reflect a message that the wearer intends to convey, knowingly or not. Many people live their lives not realizing that they’re sending messages left and right with their clothing.

These people relegate the idea of clothing to something merely practical—a concept that, as we mentioned earlier, has sound moral values. But just because it’s moral to idealize clothing as being nothing more than a means to cover our bodies, that doesn’t mean we actually perceive it that way.

Fashion accessories are a means to identify ourselves to the rest of the world around us. They’re a way to show people who we are, and what our beliefs are, in a sense. That’s not to say that the clothes we wear represent everything we’re about—far from it, actually. However, they’re certainly not nothing. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we can own up to our fashion choices and wear them loud and proud.

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