How to Deal with Silent Treatment

As wonderful as they are, relationships require a lot of work. After all, people all come with their own quirks and flaws. Part of being in a relationship is learning how to communicate with a partner, but not everyone gets this right all the time. 

In fact, this is not exclusive to romantic partners. Family, friend, and work relationships all tend to suffer when proper communication is not expressed—particularly if one or both resorts to giving the silent treatment. 

But what prompts such behavior?

If actions speak louder than words, then silent treatment is, ironically, deafening. Fewer things are as hurtful as a person in your life intentionally ignoring what you say, purposely neglecting texts, and making you feel like you are on the outside with no way in. It is especially frustrating if you are trying to repair whatever it is that caused damage to the relationship, but feel as if your voice has been taken away. 

Silent treatment can be a form of passive-aggressive behavior, but it can also be the result of a person not knowing how to express their feelings. Oftentimes, this stems from said person feeling ignored themselves while growing up. 

Being on the receiving end of silent treatment can cause feelings of rejection, isolation, and confusion, so it’s important to call out such behavior. Avoid doing so in a critical manner, but definitely express that something feels different or off, and that you’d like to sort it out as it has been hurting you.

Try set a ground rule for talking about things, as being open to difficult conversations is how relationships improve.

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