Make Up Looks to Try Before Halloween

Although it may seem like the spooky season is still some way off, experience shows that it pays to practise your make-up look well before Halloween is here. If you’re seeking some inspiration, look no further than these three looks which are guaranteed to give your friends a fright.

Spider Web Liner

Keep it chic and simple with this classic make-up look, elevated by the spider web drawn using black liner under the eye. Create a standard cat-eye, and then connect the web to the flick to keep the look cohesive and neat. Dark red lips set off the eyes and make the look more dramatic and intense.

Pumpkin Fright

Check out this intense look! You will need some color and blending skills to pull this off well, but tutorials are available online. You could also adapt this look and use the idea of blocking out one eye for your own Halloween makeup look.


Although a clown look can be nightmarish, this one combines the fear factor with pretty pastels. Relatively easy to replicate, you will need some bright red in your palette, as well as white and blue. Proving that simple is sometimes better, the best thing about this look is that you can complete your makeup in minimal time, giving you more minutes to perfect your outfit.

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