Vests Are Back, Here’s How To Style Them

Noughties fashion embraced the vests for women, and the item was often paired with a skinny scarf and low-rise jeans. Now, the vest is making a comeback, but modern dressers are styling it very differently and there’s not a skinny scarf in sight. If you’re interested in investing in this modern and versatile item, check out these three up-to-date ways of wearing it.

Vest Co-ord

Make a real style statement by choosing a vest in a bold hue, and matching it with your pants. This look is modern and sophisticated, without seeming too try-hard. A cropped vest will allow you to show off the cut and shape of your pants, or go for a more relaxed outline if you want to come across as cool and collected.

Knitted Vest

For a fall-appropriate look, opt for a vest in a knitted fabric. Not only will it keep you warm as the weather cools, but it will also look chic layered over a dress. Again, a cropped vest will show off the dress underneath, or go for a looser version for a more casual look.

Long-Line Vest

For a cool layered look, try a longer vest over smart office pants. It adds a sense of sophistication and looks equally great as a day or evening look. Choose a vest in a classic color, such as white, black, or grey, so that it will go with as many outfits as possible.

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