5 Horror Movies Everyone’s Buzzing About This Spring


Watching horror movies on the big screen makes them extra terrifying, and we’ll have an abundance of new titles to choose from this spring. This genre is going stronger than ever right now, and we’re bringing you five brand-new spooky movies worth watching this spring.


Abigail puts a fun twist on vampire movies, and it follows a group of criminals who find themselves in hot waters after kidnapping a young ballerina, who happens to be a daughter of a powerful underworld boss.

I Saw the TV Glow

A24 has given us some of the most acclaimed horror movies in recent years, and this one will center on two teenagers whose lives take a wild turn after their favorite supernatural TV series abruptly comes to an end.


There are many unwritten rules surrounding tarot cards, such as never using someone else’s deck. This film will see a group of friends facing consequences after breaking them.

The Exorcism

Not to be confused with The Pope’s Exorcist, also starring Russell Crowe, this film will see him play a troubled actor, whose reality starts to blur with fiction on the set of his next horror film.

The Watchers

Dakota Fanning leads the cast of this horror as a young artist, who finds herself watched and stalked by mysterious creatures after being stranded in the woods with three strangers.

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