LBD Is What You Really Need In Your Closet

What every woman really need in her closet is that piece of clothing that can be used to any situation and make you rock in it: wedding, date, night out with the girls, or just a regular day at the office. The LBD (Little. Black. Dress.) is the chameleon of dresses.

What makes it so unique that it is actually fitting itself into your mood and look like it was made just for this one evening.

The LBD provides class, confidence and the creativity to make the outfit yours.

For that reason, don’t get just one, get a few. Most women have multiple LBDs to make sure they’ve always got one available and ready to get into at a moment’s notice. Marilyn should have sung a song about this because LBDs truly are a girl’s best friend.

But only one little warning: as we are sure you are going to fall in love with LBD, and wear it on more and more occasions, you should not wear it too much.

Make a plan to wear it once or twice a week (and not with the same crowd) and no more than that, don’t get too addictive.

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