Couples Share Tips For Keeping a Relationship Happy

Married Reddit readers recently took part in an online discussion where they talked about how to keep a marriage going, with many saying that they sometimes lose an argument on purpose in order to resolve a fight quicker.

Some of the information revealed was interesting, especially as it has been reported that some 42percent of all married couples end up divorced. So if you are looking to make things better, read on!

The Reddit forum took place after one reader asked the question, ‘Married people of Reddit, aside from communication what makes marriages last?’ Responses included “Being reasonable when you disagree”, “Being able to trust each other”, “You can either be right or you can be happy.” One reader claimed that, “My wife tries to win arguments, being right is not her aim. I argue to be right and sort a point out. I’ve realized this and will start an argument, get my points across, let her win. Give her time so she’ll think it over and change what she’s doing to adjust whatever we were arguing about. Works most of the time!”

Quite a common theme was being completely honest and open, in particular regarding physical appearance, while another was not to feel obligated to do anything just because you are one half of a couple. It was also deemed important for each half of the couple to have hobbies and not to do everything together, and to show interest in your other half’s passion.

While some of the comments may seem obvious, we are all guilty of becoming complacent after a few years in a relationship!

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