So Who is the Narrator of Jane the Virgin?

Just like in the gossip girl, the narrator was, let’s face it, quite intriguing as the entire show. 

(WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the season-four finale of Jane the Virgin.)

Since pilot until the recently concluded Chapter Eighty One, which was very much filled with drama, fun, mysteries and surprises, the identity of the narrator has been one of the biggest questions.

Since the show has yet to reveal this elusive character who is voiced by Anthony Mendez, the only thing we can do is investigate, theorize, and guess. 

Here are the top 3 bets to the slot.

  • Jane’s grandfather, Mateo. This is the crowd’s favorite and most popular bet because of what the narrator said in season three.  The line in question, from Rogelio and Xiomara’s wedding in the season-three finale: “And Xiomara? Well, she looked perfect. At least to the people who loved her most — which includes me.” The Showrunner, Jennie Snyder Urman, said that the real identity of the narrator has actually been hinted throughout the show. 
  • Jane’s Son Mateo. The quote in season 3 in question about loving Xiomara could also apply to Mateo Jr., who is, Xo’s grandson. However, loopholes can be deduced from this theory, the first being that Mateo Jr. wasn’t alive for much of the story that he’s telling. So how does he know it all? And secondly, the narrator has an accent, and we already know that Mateo does not have one. Although it could be nothing as in Gossip Girl, was voiced by Kristen Bell when on fact Gossip Girl was actually a man in the person of Dan Humphry.
  • Jane herself. During the past few episodes of season five, we saw Jane struggling to find inspiration for her next book, but in the finale, it finally just clicks. She decided to combine her previous unfinished novels into one book spanning generations which makes this theory more logical. In this scenario, the show’s narrator is actually the narrator of the book, and what we’ve been watching play out is everything Jane put in her second novel. Jane was a witness to all the events in her own life and she could have asked her family and friends for all the details about things she wasn’t there for, so she probably does know everything we’ve seen happen on screen. However, there’s one loophole, Petra’s story — Jane definitely hasn’t been present for everything transpiring between everyone’s favorite Czech twins — but there’s still plenty of time for the show to put it all together. 

Who’s your bet?

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