How Insecurity Can Keep You from Having a Fulfilling Relationship

A 2014 Glamour survey revealed that over 50% of women are not happy with their bodies 80% of women can’t even look at themselves in the mirror without being disappointed. But why is that? Given the perfect image of women all around, on Television, in commercials, on the Internet, it is really hard to be satisfied with their own figure. The consequence is the worst part: Most women end up with the bad guy, the one that doesn’t really appreciate them, who doesn’t care enough and doesn’t really have feelings for her partner. Just because these women, who don’t believe in themselves, don’t think that they deserve better.

They tend to believe the worst about themselves, they think they are just not enough. They’re not pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, so they pick men following their insecurities. How can we fight these negative attitude? Put an end to the negative self-talk, start new challenges, find new interests and stop comparing yourself to others all the time. Just when you’ll be able to stand proud in front of the mirror, you’ll know how to find the right guy.

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