Jodie Sweetin Says Fuller House Cast Has Given Up on Olsen Twins Return

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may have rose to fame on Full House in the 90’s, but the chances that the twins return to the cradle of their stardom on Netflix’s revamp of the hit series appear bleak. The revelation comes from Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin, who was especially candid in a recent interview about the behind the scenes efforts to reunite with the Olsen twins.

“We’ve tried everything,” said Sweetin, who grew up alongside the Olsens while playing their shared character Michelle Tanner’s sister Stephanie on the beloved family sitcom. “I think we’ve kinda given up.”

Without the Olsen twins’ participation, the Fuller House team decided to explain Michelle’s absence in the revamp’s first episode, which debuted in February. “Well, Michelle sends her love, but she’s busy in New York running her fashion empire,” said Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), the Olsen twins’ longtime TV dad.

Should a change of heart take place, the Olsens can still claim their bedroom at the Tanner house. “I’m sure we’ve all had family reunions and not everyone shows up,” creator Jeff Franklin said at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in January. “But we still love them and the door is always open and I hope it happens.”

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