Tinder Match Filled With Regret After Snubbing Olympic Gold Medalist Who Beat Michael Phelps

Many men who use Tinder find themselves swiping right without distinction, hoping to somehow find a human connection, waiting by the phone at the mercy of women, who, undoubtedly, are getting way more attention than any men on the platform. So it’s understandable when women don’t remember or respond to every single guy they’re messaging. It’s no big deal when you make the choice to move on from a conversation you’re not interested in.

Unless you ended up ignoring someone who’s an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Which is exactly what happened to 20-year-old Sabryna Salazar, a psychology student from Austin, Texas. Sabryna, probably matches with tons of people on Tinder, and one of them just so happened to be an Olympic athlete. And not just any athlete, but gold-medalist Joseph Schooling, who beat Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly event.

After seeing him celebrate his impressive victory in the pool, Sabryna noticed that Schooling looked very, very familiar. “I was watching Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly race and then Joseph won. I noticed the name sounded familiar and the announcers kept saying he was a Longhorn (a University of Texas athlete) so I looked back through my Tinder matches and found out it was him.”

So she took to Twitter to tell the world that Tinder-matching with Schooling was her “greatest accomplishment.”

Sabryna’s finding humor in the whole situation now, however.

“Honestly, I just thought it was hilarious that we had matched at one point. It’s pretty crazy to think you’ve had an interaction with an Olympic gold medal winner.”

Joe’s probably going to have an easier time getting girls to respond to him on Tinder these days. As long as that Gold medal podium shot is the first photo in his profile.

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