Jewels to Freshen Up Your Look

Summer is here, which can often inspire an overhaul of our wardrobes. We are seeking fresher, lighter clothing, and outfits that are just a little fun and flirty. But what if you’ve got all the clothes you need? Some of us have spent years carefully curating our clothing until every item is perfect and nothing needs to be added.

If this is the case, it doesn’t mean that experimentation is over. Use your jewelry to have fun instead of your clothing. The looks can be more subtle, and if you don’t like something it’s less of a commitment. If you’re interested in investing in your jewelry box, read on for the best fresh looks.

Mixed Metals

Silver and gold haven’t traditionally been mixed, and some people still feel that it should stay that way. However, jewelry designers are increasingly pairing the precious metals together, and if you want a fresh, youthful style you may want to dip a toe into this trend by trying one simple item, like a bangle or a ring.

Bright Jewels

For some, bright gemstone jewelry can feel a little young, like something a teenager might wear on prom night. However, it’s now possible to buy very classic styles that have been set with pretty, bright gems. If you’re not sold on the idea of hanging an amethyst pendant around your neck yet, try some small emerald green or ruby red studs and see how you feel.

Hair Jewelry

The trend for pretty hair claws hasn’t gone away, and now some people are choosing to add glittery hair slides, velvet scrunchies, and hair crystals to their look. Start simple, with one or two hair pieces, before you commit to the look full-on.

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