Should We Copy the Quiet Luxury Trend?

Flick through any fashion magazine or influencer’s Instagram, and the phrase ‘quiet luxury’ is likely to pop up. In case it’s passed you by, this trend attempts to imitate the styling choices of the uber-rich, those who are so wealthy they don’t need monogrammed baggage or flashy watches to shout to the world about their money. Instead, their style whispers their wealth, and those in the know will recognize that their apparently casual styling choices have cost many thousands of dollars.

Now, ordinary (or not super-wealthy) people are trying to copy the look. Often, this involves choosing neutral shades such as beige, cream, or camel, and combining clean-cut items with simple, classic jewelry looks. The women and men who choose to dress in this style often look fantastic and incredibly chic.

Should We Be Aiming for Quiet Luxury?

Yet some are questioning whether this trend should be promoted by brands, magazines, and influential individuals. There are concerns that quiet luxury in its true form will forever be out of reach for the masses. No matter how chic you look, when your outfit has cost less than a hundred dollars, you will never be accepted into the uber-wealthy club. Additionally, the women who are intent on copying Gwyneth Paltrow’s courtroom cashmere are fuelling the fast fashion nightmare as high-street brands churn out more affordable versions.

No Individuality

There is another, perhaps less serious, problem – and it’s that as a trend, quiet luxury doesn’t really allow individuals to experiment or express themselves. Whilst everyone may style the pieces differently, the pieces themselves are awfully similar – cropped cream jumpers, chocolate brown trousers, low-heeled shoes, and fine gold chains.

There is nothing wrong with any of these items separately, but when combined together it creates an instantly recognizable look which doesn’t really allow the wearer to say anything about themselves. Sometimes, this is what we want from clothes. We want to look chic and respectable and fit into any setting seamlessly. But sometimes, we want our clothes to speak up for us, to help us make our voices heard. We want to express our individuality through color, pattern, texture, and unexpected jewelry additions.

The Bottom Line

The quiet luxury look seems like it’s here to stay, but is room for more creative styling to flourish alongside it. Tap into the quiet luxury trend if you like, but don’t forget to express yourself.

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