Make Cutting Your Bangs No Big Deal

Remember that photo of yourself from your 4th birthday party? The one where you have skew bangs because your mom realized the night before that they were too long and went in with the scissors? That trauma has lived with you ever since. 

While you can’t go back and fix things for 4-year-old you, you can make sure that present-day you don’t have to live with hair in her eyes or an uneven fringe.

Step #1

One of the biggest fears when it comes to snipping hair is that you’ll go too short. We know that hair grows back, but we’d also rather not walk around with bangs that end in the middle of our forehead. Separate your fringe from the rest of your hair using sectioning clips and then let it lie how it normally would.

Step #2

Holding the hair up while cutting places tension on the hair, which will make your bangs spring up after it’s been snipped. Instead, comb underneath your bangs a few times, stopping a couple of centimeters before the edge of your hair.

Step #3

If you want wispier bangs, do a “point cut” by holding a very sharp pair of scissors perpendicular to the hair. This will add texture, giving the ends a more natural look. If you prefer something a bit more dramatic, hold the scissors straight across. Use the comb as your guide and measure twice, but cut once. Rather do a bit at a time so you don’t end up with bangs that are too short. 

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