Switch Up Your Home Decor With These Candlestick Styles

Sometimes our living spaces need a little refresh, but it can be hard to pinpoint what to change. If time and finances are limited, you want a quick and easy update that won’t break the bank. It can help to choose one item of home décor because this will provide a focus for your project.

Candlesticks are having a moment in terms of interior design, with influencers showing off their alfresco spreads complete with stunning brass candlesticks and sales of glass designs increasing on sites such as Etsy. If you’re a fan of candlesticks and think that yours could do with an update, read this list of three key styles to try around your home. These home décor items often look best when mixed and matched, so having a wide array of styles is a bonus.

Colored Glass

You can often pick up a colored glass candlestick for less than ten dollars, but these ornaments can look really chic and pretty in your home. When the candle is lit, the glass adds to the illumination, casting a really special light. Why not select several different styles in different colors and arrange them along a counter or mantel?  

Brass Candlesticks

If you’re looking to make a serious style statement, invest in some matching brass candlesticks to spruce up your dining table. This style of candlestick will look particularly gorgeous when paired with a subtle floral arrangement.

Wooden Candlesticks

There are many wooden candlestick designs available, some of the most stunning are painted with intricate patterns and details. This style of candlestick could be mixed and matched with other designs, to create an interesting collection that will get your guests talking.

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