It’s Super Simple to Grow Your Own Cucumbers

Cucumbers may not be the most interesting items of produce, but they are actually rather healthy.

The fruit (yes, fruit) is 95% made up of water, making it an excellent way to keep hydrated, prevent constipation, and give your skin a glow. Cucumbers are also rich in vitamin K and antioxidants. 

Depending on where you are in the world, cucumbers can be rather pricey at the supermarket. But the good thing is, they’re super easy to grow yourself.

Step #1

Grab a cucumber and slice it in half vertically. Scrape out the seeds using a spoon and place them in a glass of water. 

Step #2

Stir the water and see which seeds sink to the bottom of the glass. If they do, that means they are viable and can be planted to create cucumber babies. 

Step #3

Place the good seeds on a wet paper towel and sprinkle them with cinnamon. The spice will prevent the seeds from molding and help them to sprout more quickly.

Step #4

Fold the paper towel with the seeds inside and place it in a ziplock bag. Let it sit for 3 days. 

Step #5

Once 3 days have passed, remove the paper towel from the bag and open it. Your seeds will have begun to sprout!

Step #6

Place each seedling in a pot filled with soil and lightly water them on a regular basis. You want the soil to be damp, but not drowning. A wilting plant can be a sign that it is thirsty. 

Step #7

The seedlings should grow into tall plants that produce around 15 cucumbers each. Grab a stick and gently tie the stalk to offer the plant support. 

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