Pearlcore is Our Personal Philosophy This Season

Fashion in 2023 has mostly been modeled on trends from the ‘90s, but this trend is throwing things back a little further and we’re totally here for it!

If you idolized the looks of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, you will be pleased to know that pearls are very much on the current style scene. As a symbol of elegance, pearls have never really gone out of style, but at the moment they are back in a big way.


If you want to jump on the pearl wagon but are afraid of going all in, earrings a good place to start. You can wear a pair of statement earrings dripping in pearls, or pop in some little studs to add a little glam to your look.


Embrace the preppy vibe by using a pearl headband to complete your outfit. They look good on every hair length and texture, and have the added advantage of keeping your hair off your face and out of your eyes.


Thought pearls were reserved for jewelry? Wrong! Create the perfect brunch look by pairing a pearl-studded cardigan with jeans and sneakers; or upgrade a basic T-shirt with some pearl-embellished jeans or flats.

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