Yes, You Should Definitely Be Washing New Clothes Before Wearing Them

It can be oh-so-tempting to put on that brand-new dress that just arrived this morning. After all, you ordered it weeks ago and had to wait for shipping. But before you unpack the garment and slip it on, we strongly suggest giving it a rinse. 

Even if the item appears completely new and sparkling clean, there are many things hiding in the fabric that the naked eye isn’t able to see. 

The first reason you should put your clothes in the wash is because of a type of eczema known as contact dermatitis. Some of the harsh chemicals and dyes used on clothing can cause this, resulting in an itchy rash. A 25-minute wash on a hot cycle should remove all those extras so you can avoid any type of reaction.

Depending on what you’ve ordered, there’s also the chance that other people have tried on the garments first. Those people carry their own set of germs which then transfer onto the clothes. Studies have been done which show a host of viruses and bacteria lurking on the material.

Although the chance of getting sick from such items is fairly low, it’s still a chance not worth taking, particularly if you have sensitive skin or a compromised immune system. 

So, throw your new top or pair of jeans in the wash, blast it with hot water, and you’re good to go!

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