If Your Hands Hurt from Using Your Phone, Try These Stretches

How many text messages have you sent today? How love have you been scrolling through Insta and TikTok? Typing on your laptop for work? Although these are common activities in our daily life, doing them as often as we do can actually lead to injury. 

De Quervain syndrome, more commonly known as “texting thumb” is caused by overuse and aggravation of the tendons in the thumb and wrist. And yes, it can be painful. If you’re experiencing it, use a heat and ice pack on the area, take some anti-inflammatories if allowed, and try these stretches.

Step #1

Spread your fingers to stretch the hand gently without forcing it, while relaxing the arm and shoulder and breathing deeply. Perform 3 times a day. 

Step #2

Stretch passively by using your other hand to massage and stretch the thumb and wrist.

Step #3

Stretch the forearm. Stand up with your palms on a table and your fingers pointing toward you. Be gentle and hold for about 20 seconds. Repeat this with the backs of the hand on the table, especially if you spend a lot of time at a keyboard.

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