Where Do You Stand When It Comes to Colored Eyeliner?

You have finally mastered the winged eyeliner technique with your black liquid gel liner, and now colored eyeliners are in fashion, and they require more precision and patience with design. Are you up for the challenge?

If you are ready to change up your look, invest in water-activated liners for colorful liners. There are a huge variety of shades and metallics, not to mention that they’re extremely versatile and easy to mix and use once you have started practicing. Here are four colorful eyeliners for you to try.

Glisten Cosmetics Split Liners

Each one of Glisten Cosmetic’s split liners has a different color combination that can be used individually or mixed. Some of the combinations are matte, while some are shiny, and can be used to give your eyes a very dramatic look.

Urban Decay Easy Glide On

Not only do you have a huge array of colors to choose from, but Urban Decay’s eyeliners contain jojoba oil, vitamin E, and cottonseed oil to keep your eyes moisturized.

Juvia’s Place, Garden of Juvia

Juvia’s Place’s eyeliners come in beautiful pastel and neon shades you might find in a pretty floral garden. You can wear them alone or pair with their stunning eyeshadow palates.

About Face Beauty Matte Fluid Eye Paint

This product requires a little more precision than the others, but the colors are so vibrant, you’ll want to implement them in your makeup routine ASAP! It offers you full coverage and a lightweight matte finish and applies easily without smudging.

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