How You Should Really Wear Leather Belts

We all know that our body don’t stay the same year around, we get puffy, we get thin, we go through a lot every year and even every month, but unfortunately, our clothes don’t fit themselves to bodies.

A classic way to keep the close to still flatter our figures is with a classic leather belt.

When you are choosing your belt let it tell the story, don’t be afraid to buy a belt that has a unique design and special buckle that no one can ignore. Make the belt be your statement to the world.

The belt should always have few extra holes on either side – the thin and the fat side to allow you wear it on any one of the special days of the body.

When you pick them at the store, make sure to wear it high above the waist (and not on the waist itself), and look in the mirror to make sure it give you, well, the Coca-Cola bottle kind of contour.

And last – A good leather belt will last years, so for this purchase don’t be hesitant to drop a pretty penny.

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