First Date Tricks To Make You Feel More Comfortable

Are you nervous before a first date? We want to help you and give you some tips that according to researchers can really help you doing the best impression.

First of all, communicate in a physically active way. Make simple gesture to seem more engaging and energetic.

Prepare for the night with power postures. According to Amy Cuddy, a Social Psychologist that recently gave a TED talk, body language can improve your self-confidence.

Don’t accept random dates unless you’re interested in the person.Pick someone that sparks your interest, someone you would like to speak with, someone you would have questions to ask to.

Lean your head while the other person is talking if you find what he or she is saying interesting.

Most importantly, establish an eye-contact with the person. It will create chemistry and intimacy and will give him or her the feeling that you are really into the conversation.

These are some tips you could use, but at the end of the day the most important thing is: do you feel the butterflies in your stomach? If yes, the rest will figure itself out. If not, you’ll find the right person on another date. Both ways, enjoy your life and your dates. You’re only single until you fall in love, enjoy that time also!

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