Great News: The Most Successful First Dates Involve Fried Chicken

To all of those who thought that to have a successful date you had to be a gentleman, dress fancy, listen more than speak and establish strong eye contact, you were all wrong. The recipe for a great date (literally) is fried chicken. According to a survey by the dating app Hinge, there is nothing more successful than a restaurant date with fried chicken.

As for drinks, the app suggests Bloody Mary’s. Apparently, 24 percent of Hinge users loved the idea of grabbing fried chicken for a first date. However, 23 percent of Hinge users would rather grab vegan food.

As for locations, San Francisco is the best city and the Golden Gate Park is the best location. There, there is a cocktail bar Novela.

At the end of the day, we all know that is not about the Golden Gate Park, the vegan food or the fried chicken. It’s a matter of chemistry, love, connection and mostly, it’s all about destiny.

We can’t promise that any of this will result in you getting married, but at least you’ll have a great meal!

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