How to Lose Weight For Summer With CrossFit

This Crossfit work out might sound impossible, but it’s actually doable! The mind behind this workout is Crossfit coach and competitor Dani Horan of Champlain Valley Crossfit.

The workout is very simple: You need to complete 100 burpees as quick as possible.

If you don’t know what a burpee is, here’s a brief explanation: from standing you go down to a squat with your hands on the floor. You do a squat thrust by jumping your feet back, bending the elbows behind you and making your chest touch the floor. As you jump with the feet towards your hands, straighten your arms and get back to a squat.

Jump up getting as much height as possible. All you have to do is repeat this exercise non-stop for 100 times. It will take 10 minutes and you’ll have completed a whole body workout. The amazing this of this workout is that it is all depending on your head.

The effort is mostly mental. Your legs and arms will hurt badly but your mind will tell you to go on until you reach 100 burpees as planned. It will be tiring and hard but you’ll feel so good once you’ll be done reaching your goal.

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