How to Get Through Your First Big Break Up

It really takes a long time to go over the first big break up. There is and there will never be anything like the first love, the naivety, the selfless sentiment involved will be hard to find again with someone else. However, the moment you’ll fall in love again will come, the butterflies will pay a visit to your stomach again. “Whenever you least expect it,” they say. In the meantime, the best way to go through a tough break up is being honest with yourself.

Give yourself a break from dating, take time out for you, threat yourself. Only when you’ll feel a bit better, surround yourself with friends and go out, have fun, meet people, make new friendships and why not, get on Tinder if you want. One big recommendation: If you just broke up with your big love, DO NOT watch the movie La La Land or similar romantic stories, it could really hurt and cause a bunch of sleepless nights. Good luck finding a better love, it’s out there!

Three Types of Guys You Will Find on the Beach

Going to the beach is always fun. Often times, you are surrounded by your family, friends, sunshine, sand, and many scantily clad people in swimsuits looking to amp up their tan. Regardless of who you are surrounded by, however, there are certain types of guys who you should expect to see at any beach that you go to.

When You Planning A Night Out Take Black Ankle Boot

Black ankle boots are the comfy alternative to some of your equally cute, but way less comfortable shoe choices, they add a bit of rocker and hardness, which elevates even the most basic of fashionista to a higher level.

The Most Annoying Things About “Gilmore Girls”

There are so many things that annoy us on Gilmore Girls, especially if we are big fans of the show. Starting with Rory and Dean sleeping together while Dean was married.