Are Jeans Essential for Every Woman?

Every woman has that one pair of jeans, since her high Scholl day that she trust to make it all work when needed.

Those jeans will be used for a casual get-together with your besties, or for a semi-formal office meeting, you can wear a nice t-shirt or a designer blouse. This is what is so great about jeans, it is as versatile as can be.

If clothes were food than jeans was the comforting kind of food. You have the jeans that you wear on the days you don’t feel attractive, but you trust the pants to make you look at your best. You know that this kind of jeans will always flatter you so you keep coming back to the same brands and same designs.

Keep in mind that no two pairs are alike. So you can get some different kinds to fit the right situation. From dark wash boot cuts to a pair of acid wash skinny jeans.

Never keep your jeans in the factory length, always cut them to fit your height considering you wearing low sports shoes. Too long jeans will make you look like you are shorter than reality and that you don’t care about your looks.

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