A Real Cure for Acne in the Works?

Despite being one of the most common complaints doctors deal with, one that affects quite a few people, no cure for acne has been found so far.


However, there is still hope for those suffering from the skin condition according to a recent study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. It reports that a new vaccine is being developed. It has shown promise to change the way we view skin care.


The one-of-a-kind vaccine is designed to reduce the body’s response to the toxins bacteria release, thereby minimizing inflammation. So far it’s only been tested in mice and samples of human tissue, not actual human beings, but researchers are optimistic about the outcomes.


A lead researcher working on the vaccine has commented that the potential impact of study findings would be huge for the hundreds of millions of individuals who have this skin condition.


A Real Cure for Acne in the Works?

Would It Really Work? What Experts Are Saying

The expert jury – dermatologists – is still out when it comes to the vaccine. According to them, the causes of acne go way beyond bacteria.


Genes, hormones, and some products can exacerbate the skin condition. Growth of bacteria like P.Acnes is what causes acne, and targeting these bacteria with a vaccine could be considered a less damaging and more precise approach than chemical therapies.


On the other hand, not all P.Acne bacteria are bad. Different strains comprise them, and not all cause acne. A treatment targeting the wrong strains could exacerbate the skin condition.  


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