How to Achieve Sun-Kissed Skin Without Stepping Outside

On the list of things that just scream summer, sun-kissed skin is pretty near the top. While spending time outdoors is an excellent way to get some much-needed Vitamin D, too much sun exposure can be more harmful than helpful. If you have sensitive skin that repels the sun’s rays, but don’t want to look as though you’ve been hibernating all season, here’s how to fake a summer glow. 

Feign the Flush

If you ever needed proof that the sun is a dangerous entity, the term “sunburn” should be enough. Red and painful is not the trend we’re going for, thank you very much. What is on trend, though, is applying blush in a way that looks as though you got slightly burnt—just ask Hailey Bieber. For best results, use a cream blush and apply in a “W” shape across your cheeks and nose. 

Fake Those Freckles

Over the years, many a freckled person has sought to cover their dots using make-up. The irony, now, is that make-up is being used to create those tiny marks on people who don’t possess the freckle gene! The faux freckles can be achieved using eyeliner and gently tapping the spots. And if freckles come naturally to you, now is the time to embrace your genetic gift!

Bronze, Baby

Some people turn golden by being in the sun, and others end up looking related to a tomato. If you’re the latter, bronzer is your new best friend. Choose a powder or cream bronzer that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Blend it around the edges of your face, your cheekbones, and collar bones for a gorgeous glow that’ll make it seem like you’ve spent hours working on your tan.

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