How Evening Clutch Is A Must

When you dress up for the evening and put a lot of effort into your dress, shoes, bracelet and makeup, you need something to act like the cherry on the ice cream.

Not part of the base foundation doesn’t offer a ton of practicality, but when the finished product is assembled, the absence of it (cherry or evening clutch) means something is off. The evening clutch is a fun, eye-catching accessory that completes your evening ensemble.

It comes in small sizes (most of the times), and is designed to fit the basics: cell phone, cards and cash, lipstick and a change of earrings (in case you decide en route to the event that those hoops just HAVE to go).

Hold them, ladylike, seductively between the arm and torso, held in one hand or, if they come with a strap, draped delicately on one shoulder. If you are planning to go on a formal evening, it can easily act as your own creative style.

Evening clutches can take the form of donuts, champagne bottles, can be sparkly, vintage or cool 70’s suede.

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