Will Kylie Jenner Branch Into Skincare with “Kylie Skin”

The billionaire beauty mogul and reality TV star may be branching into skincare, if we are to judge by the trademarks “Kylie Skin” and “Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner” filed with the US Patent Office. They are patents for various skin products such as serums, lotions, scrubs, cleaners, and oils.

According to experts, the 21-year-old does would be wise to expand her 800-million-dollar company to include skin care. Having used social media perfectly to leverage her brand, Jenner has many huge and dedicated fans made up mostly of millennial females who also buy her cosmetic products. In fact, her followers reach a whopping 116.2 million. They have spent almost billions on her makeup since Kylie Cosmetics launched in 2015.

Color cosmetics, which include lipstick, foundation, creams, powders, and other color-based makeup—have not lost their popularity with young women. However, the market has become somewhat stagnant, including at Kylie Cosmetics, having dropped by 35% this year.

Will Kylie Jenner Branch Into Skincare with Kylie Skin

The switch to skincare

Skincare products experienced the strongest growth of all other cosmetics categories all over the world in the third trimester of 2018, displacing makeup.

According to experts, the trend is likely driven by customers’ increasing focus on healthy living and a burgeoning wellness industry. What is more, millennials – her main market – are the biggest buyers of skincare. The Instagram selfie phenomenon has prompted a flawless skin cult, so much so that some popular beauty brands have built businesses around Instagram-friendly skincare products.


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