Here are the Secrets to Kerry Washington’s Stunning Skin

With a resumé as long as our arms, there is no denying that Kerry Washington is one talented lady. But something else that cannot be ignored is just how gorgeous the actress is. The Scandal star’s skin seems to radiate whenever we see her and she has finally shared how to get that glow!

Hydration Station

Hydrated skin is happy skin. “Drinking water is really important,” Kerry declared to Prevention. “It’s about hydration, hydration, hydration!” Eight glasses a day should be your goal.

Serum Situation

Vitamin C and Retinol are the latest MVPs when it comes to the skincare game. “I’m all about a serum. I mean the right serum can multitask in so many ways: hydration, primer, SPF. So that for me is important.”

SPF or Bust

While Vitamin D is a much-needed nutrient, the sun can be incredibly damaging for one’s skin. That’s why a good sun protectant is essential. “SPF is part of my daily ritual,” reveals the 45-year-old. “It’s just really, really important to start to fold it into your routine and not think of SPF as the cherry on the sundae but the sundae itself, right?”

Massage Moment

One of Kerry’s tricks to stunning skin is also one of the most relaxing. Grab a jade roller, a gua sha stone, or just your fingers, and give yourself a facial massage. The star is a fan of such massages because “it really is a way to kind of stimulate the cells in the face and wake up your facial muscles, and get the blood moving.”

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